Auto control relay

时间:2019-10-10 17:31
Most of the car as long as the engine cover to find the installation box, can find a trace of the relay. Car lights, wipers, starter, air conditioner, electric chair, electric windows, ABS, hanging control, sound, they want to use control relay, it is one car to use most of the electronic components, at present the global market, demand more than 10 million.
Control relay has two main parts, one is the control system, the other is the control system. Control relay is able to control the role of the control system as a signal, such as electricity, magnetism, heat, light and other physical quantities to achieve a certain value, can make the controlled system (also known as the output circuit) is controlled by zero mutation to a certain value, or by a certain value to zero, so as to achieve control, protection, transmission and conversion of information and other functions. Control of large current with small current, is the characteristics of control relay.
Automotive control relay technology demanding, because it wants to adapt to vibration, high temperature, low temperature, humidity, oil, salt, water and other corrosive environment, the requirements of long life, high reliability, small size, low consumption, and with electromagnetic compatibility, flame retardant, fast response and other properties. Really want the horse to run, do not eat grass. As a vehicle control relay, it has to meet these requirements.
The car light control relay as an example, three, four main control relay and five foot type. Respectively control the headlamps, front lamp and instrument lamp, turning lamp, tail light, brake lights, reversing lights, fog lights, car lighting play. When the combination switch to the headlight ON file, the control system of the headlight relay (magnetic field coil) will pass the electric magnetic field, the alloy contact immediately closed, the current conduction of the system is controlled, thus controlling the opening of the headlights. When the combination switch is set to the headlight OFF file to disconnect the power supply, the magnetic field disappears so that the control of the alloy contact is immediately separated, the current cutoff of the controlled system is closed, and the lamp is switched off.
The mechanical type is mainly the current auto control relay, but have to the development of solid state relay. The key is the reliability of the relay, as soon as the relay failure occurs, immediately caused the system to function paralysis, and even cause the whole vehicle can not move. For example, starter relay failure, car will not be able to start the, despite starting relay up to more than ten dollars a, but no cars, inconvenience operation.
Current domestic auto control relay in accordance with the classification of the car has two major categories, one category is the European car relay, mainly for Germany and France to introduce technology vehicles, and the other is a copy of the Japanese car relay, mainly for Japanese car matching. In the international market, well-known automobile production enterprises in Germany Bosch control relay (BOSCH).