Technical requirements and main parameters of the relay

时间:2019-10-10 17:31
Note: the following are not particularly noted, the electromagnetic relay is the object of the
1 mechanical physical parameters requirements: to ensure that the use of the product size, weight, sealing, lead foot strength and can be welded, etc.. Including: contact pressure, contact gap, contact tracing, reset reed pressure, armature stroke, stop screw height of mechanical parameters.
2 electrical parameters requirements: to ensure that the relay under the provisions of the use of conditions, the work of a reliable and normal, accurate reaction and speed signal. Including: contact resistance winding resistance, electrical contacts, attract current (voltage), rated working current (voltage), the release of current (voltage), rated load contacts, insulation resistance, dielectric strength and electrical parameters.
3 time parameter requirements: in the control lines are often raised in a relay and requirements at the time of release, and conversion of the armature, contact jitter, pulse distortion time parameter requirements.
4 environmental adaptability requirements: according to the use of the relay environment, in order to ensure the reliability of work, environmental adaptability projects are: temperature (extreme low temperature, temperature cycle, temperature impact, low temperature storage, etc.), moisture resistance (high temperature, high humidity, high temperature Gao Shi), low pressure, vibration and vibration stability and vibration strength, impact strength, constant acceleration. In special circumstances, there are anti salt spray, anti mildew, radiation, transportation, storage and other projects.
5 life and failure rate index requirements: the relay in the specified test conditions and the contact load, in the specified number of action, the number of failures should not exceed the requirements of the product. The error mentioned here refers to the bonding phenomenon when the relay is in the process of operation, when the contact is broken, so that the pressure drop exceeds the specified level. The reliability index requirements of the relay are required to have a failure rate index level requirements.
6 Safety specifications: to prevent electric shock and fire, the product must comply with the relevant national safety regulations, such as the the Great Wall of China, the United States UL, Canada CSA, Germany VDE, TUV, etc..
Above a few requirements, not all the relay must be achieved, according to different conditions of use, the relay of the technical requirements are also different